• Jargon free advice; your life is important
  • A pathway to the root of the problem
  • Immediate assessment and assistance in a non judgemental environment
  • Life Guides – individuals who have walked the walk
  • Friendship and assistance on your journey to full recovery
  • Development of Social and Life Skills
  • A place of safety in a coffee shop atmosphere

We offer direct response and intervention for anyone whose life has become unmanageable through addiction.

When all other agencies are closed, we are ready to fill the gap (this is the span of time when the individual needs help, but there are no doors opened). We call this the Death Gap, It is during this time that lives are lost, or violence is used, property is destroyed in the local community, A&E is over run, services of the Justice department involved, costing millions of euro every year.

This span of time is recognised by all who work in this field.

Addiction thrives on chaos and it destroys all in its path. Families and communities are torn apart by its destructive force.

We would rather prevent suicide than talk about it when it is too late. There has to be an open door 365/24/7 and this should be a priority for Government and an aspiration for us.

Time is essential to anyone seeking recovery from addiction and allow the mind time to adapt to change in an orderly manner. As the individual is recovering so too will the family and the community.