About Us

Aubrey Melville is the director and CEO of Social Ground Force.

Aubrey has been in recovery from addiction for the last twenty eight years and he was awarded a National University of Ireland Maynooth, Certificate Level (7) in Addiction Studies in 2008/2009.

He is a survivor of suicide and depression and from experiences Aubrey has realized that the one glove does not fit all. Some groups or agencies seem to think that you can treat these individuals all the same but they are all different.

Some people do not even know they are sick and addiction is not self inflicted, it is a disease of the mind and body. Addiction is a Mental Illness and in many cases the disease should not and does not require medication for the individual to Recover.

Aubrey has been working in the field of addiction recovery in a voluntary basis since his own recovery started 29 years ago. The fact that this disease is the only illness that tells the sufferer that he does not have the illness makes it very unique and destructive.

Addiction cannot be the responsibility of the Government and Medical Profession alone. The responsibility lies with the entire community including the Drinks Industry and the Pharmaceutical and Gaming industries. Social Ground Force, given the correct support, can be the guide and our records and testimonies prove we get positive results for individuals and their families.

Aubrey has recognized that when an individual is confronted with the true cause of their problems, and the reasons behind their behavior, in most cases those who wish to recover do recover in weeks or months. They go back in to society to be assets to their communities rather than liabilities.

This releases the family of the pain and suffering they have had to endure as a result of their loved ones Mental Health Issues caused by the Disease of Addiction.