A Common Sense Approach to Complicated Issues

Who Are Social Ground Force and What Do they Do

We Specialise in The Death Gap

(Quote from the Wife of a service user)

“Thank you for everything, God sent you to my husband, he is not a bad man, he just never had anyone to guide him in life until you came along”.

We Save & Change Lives,

We are a Charity organisation helping people who wish to recover from Addiction, Alcohol Drugs, Gambling, Suicidal Tendencies and Depression. Social Ground Force is based in Sligo, Ireland we offer immediate assistance and intervention.

We have successfully dealt with clients from as far as USA, U k, Other European States

and Especially all the 32 Counties of Ireland

We are a Non-Residential, Non-Clinical Permanent After Care Service, set up to combine the services of voluntary groups dealing with people who wish to Recover from Mental Health Issues Caused by Addiction.

We are not Funded by the State, we receive minimum private donations.

We are currently providing a Unique and Essential lifesaving service for those who wish to Recover from the above conditions.

In order to solve a problem,

1. You must identify the problem

2. Find a solution

3. Develop a plan of action; we have proven in the past we are excellent at this process; we can get much better if supported, we are not saying we can do this, we are saying we ARE doing this now.

We never miss an opportunity to pull another from the flames, we achieve this through our no appointment required policy, our immediate response at this point is crucial.

What Is The “Death Gap”

This is the span of time between the persons cry for help, and actually receiving help, when lives are lost, violence is used, Children in Tears, communities in turmoil, families in major crisis; all Statutory Bodies recognise this time period as crucial and the most neglected.

This is due to the lack of funds, man power or experienced staff, we fill this GAP and are recognised by other agencies for our work. this makes our service original and unique.

Chronic Addiction means it lasts a person’s lifetime, but that does not mean you have to suffer for a life time.

We are providing a unique and essential service, a major missing part of the jig saw of recovery.

We offer continual client support, that will physically, if required (as it often does) take the service user by the hand from being a liability to their family and community, to becoming an asset and inspiration.

Can you Help us to Help You.

Our Mission Statement

Never miss an opportunity to pull another from the flames


Never Cause another to Stumble


We offer immediate assistance with no appointment required in a safe, non judgemental, empathetic and genuine environment in which to get help and enjoy life again.

We enable those who wish to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body and educate our service users that they suffer from a Mental Illness caused by addiction. We guide them back to a stable and non mind altering free environment. We know that recovery from such disorders is possible and believe that hope lies within our services at Social Ground Force. We can be your ear to listen, shoulder to cry on, your road map, your guide, your bridge and support system in getting back on track towards a new tomorrow.

We are also open to those who are already in recovery and they can enjoy the cafe facilities in Chit Chat Cafe in Sligo. We also have meeting rooms available and an area available to relax in when the need arises in your life.